One Single Idea Please

A lot of very smart people have a lot of ideas – many have great ideas.  Is there no one left with but a single big idea that is so inspiring that we all – in our own ways – work together to make it real?

I mean an idea so big that the person or people to whom the idea is attributed could not possibly love long enough to see the finished product of their idea. The idea was not designed as a finished product but rather as a path, a way of being.

Examples include a Republic and a Democracy courtesy of the Founding Fathers of the U.S.  Later we have Abraham Lincoln reasserting the founding principles of the U.S. Also Martin Luther King Jr. with civil rights.  An end point was not prescribed nor was it the purpose but rather a way in which society operates.  (With our Founding Fathers, they were prescriptive in terms of a road map: The Constitution.).  Further examples are also plentiful in the axioms of most of the world’s religions. (Again, only path prescriptions exist in their respective sacred texts.)

These are the ‘Single Ideas’ of which I speak.  It has been a long time since I have heard One Single Idea.

Thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Thanks for reading. Have a Great Day!

Matt G.

About Matt Gorman

Life-long learner. Lover of all things music. Avid cyclist.
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