Did Florida Matter In The End?

Yesterday, I posted a short piece about the Electoral College and it’s apparent disenfranchising of the votes of many.  It appears we have a text book case this year with Florida.  The totals reported on politico.com as of 7:45 AM EST is 303 electoral votes for President Obama and 206 for Mitt Romney. That is a total of 509. The remaining 29 belong to Florida.  Since Mitt Romney was more than 29 below 270, it was all over without Florida. With the electoral process, Florida was a complete non-issue. How would you feel if your vote was utterly irrelevant to the outcome?

Is the Electoral College appropriate anymore?

Comments are always welcome. Have a Great Day!

Matt G.

About Matt Gorman

Life-long learner. Lover of all things music. Avid cyclist.
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