One’s Origins: Part Seven and a half

Hello! And thanks, as always, for being here. I am sincerely grateful to those who were with me in Part Seven. Reliving it and sharing it were necessary for me and I would not have been able to do either alone.

As we have just completed Part Seven, I would like to invite us all to enjoy a seventh-inning stretch. (As of the date of publishing this part, we are just days away from the other July tradition in the United States, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game. So, the metaphor is befitting.) In this part, I wish to level set things a little bit and discuss the essence of One’s Origins – both its conception and, in the best way I can, its path forward. Often, the meat and potatoes of any part does not show up in my mind until after its preceding part is published even though I close many parts hinting at what the next part will be about. This truly has been a day-by-day exercise in creation, and I do my best to maintain continuity. When One’s Origins is compiled for print, the odds of which grow with each part, better bridges will be built, and holes will be filled. I appreciate your acceptance of these imperfections thus far. I am human so there will be more.

In the beginning, One’s Origins was created with one mission: to admit to, and heal, wounds. My introspection was wholly predicated by learning about biological half-siblings and full cousins of whom I have lived in ignorance for over fifty years. If I inspire even one other adopted person to learn as much as they can while they still can, I will have succeeded beyond my wildest imagination. It is important that I make clear the wounds of which I speak are from the struggle of separation and identity that, at varying degrees, exists in in all adoptees and foster children. These wounds have no dependence whatsoever on adopting or foster parents. We all have emotional wounds. Adopted and foster children share a type of wound unique amongst them.

I recognize looking back on a few parts and what I have outlined (at least in my head) for the future fall in the fringes of looking like an autobiography. I am not disillusioned to think I have the fame necessary for such musings to have any literary traction. Nor is it the purpose of all this. However, the essence of One’s Origins is such that some background is necessary, for me the writer and you the reader, to fully appreciate this journey from adoption to identity. Indeed, “A Journey From Adoption to Identity” has recently been decreed by yours truly as the subtitle of this series. Everything I share with you exists in support of the mission of One’s Origins.

Earlier I confessed to breaks in continuity throughout the remainder of these live posts. It will happen again – as in here…. and now. I closed Part Seven teeing up Part Eight like this:

“In Part Eight, a whole new life begins with a heavy and guarded heart along with a commitment to become the person Tonia had the faith in me to become that surpassed my own faith. It’s been a labyrinth to say the least.”

That is not exactly how this part has unfolded. Nor is it how Part Eight will unfold. Part Eight will be an epic treat of the proportion matched only by meeting Dan and Scott for the first time. In just a few days after publishing this part, I embark on a four-day trip to meet, for the first time, a handful of first cousins – all children of brothers of my biological father, Lawrence. Moreover, and more exciting, is the anticipated, and deeply hoped for company of Lawrence’s one living brother, Bruce. We are still keeping fingers crossed that his health and strength cooperate, and he can make the trip. He is the only living person who grew up with my biological father. Oh, the stories I hope to hear. In Part Two we learned that Lawrence has been deceased for some time. His death is in large part the very reason for this upcoming trip and meeting of cousins. Sorry, no spoilers other than to tell you that Part Eight will be dedicated to this experience. Quite similar to Parts Two and Three when we met Dan and Scott for the first time, I know no details in advance because they have not yet occurred.

Ok, that’s about it for our seventh-inning stretch. I hope you got a refill of your beverage and your favorite snack. Based on some of the group messaging amongst the cousins meeting next week, a wild ride is on the horizon.

See you in Part Eight!


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    Adept elocution.

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