One’s Origins – Update

Hi Everyone:

A brief update on things regarding One’s Origins. A little over a week ago I spent a few days meeting and getting to know nearly two dozen individuals of whom I am boasting with pride to now know as brother, sister-in-law, uncle, cousin, niece and nephew. If this does not qualify as a blessing, then nothing does. I was eager to hurry up and write about this for Part Eight to be published this past weekend. With a convergence of unplanned distractions while still processing the emotions of this family reunion/union, I decided that I would not compromise the integrity and quality for the sake of arbitrary deadlines.

Moreover, I was conflicted as to whether to interrupt continuity and give literary deference to the enormity of the emotions felt through this recent experience or to carry on where I left off and share this recent event in due course. I will likely be taking the latter course.

With the deluge of thoughts and ideas about how to carry-on with writing, I am experiencing the opposite of writer’s block. I am overwhelmed with reflections that yearn to be brought to life through words and my challenge now is organization of thought and optimal placement of breaks between the next two or three parts.

As of now I plan to have Part Eight published by this coming Sunday, July 28.

Thank you for your continued support!




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