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You are not a quitter. You are grounded.

With the exception of these opening two paragraphs, the entirety of this post was written by George Bruno. I met George in the Fall of 2013 and in only a handful of interactions with him, I can assert that he is … Continue reading

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To Start A New Tradition Try “Goofy Pageantry”

I was recently invited as a guest to A Robert Burns Supper with the St. Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia.  One of my best friends from my childhood is a long-time member of The St. Andrew’s Society along with his father … Continue reading

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We All Want A Scapegoat

Change is indeed the only constant. Interpreting that can easily lead to many outcomes. Perhaps it means that change is always afoot. Or, it could mean that no-thing every really changes. Alternative, it means many other things too. I’d like … Continue reading

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Sometimes They Want To Hear How The Sausage Is Made

I recently had dinner with a friend of mine who opened my eyes so wide to something I never contemplated before that I shall forever be in her debt. We were discussing the current state of my professional existence.  Since … Continue reading

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One Single Idea Please

A lot of very smart people have a lot of ideas – many have great ideas.  Is there no one left with but a single big idea that is so inspiring that we all – in our own ways – … Continue reading

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Who Blinked First?

It is well woven in the fabric of our thinking in this country that loyalty between employer and employee has completely eroded.  The question this post seeks to explore is, “Who blinked first?” In The World’s Newest Profession, Christopher McKenna … Continue reading

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I am Thankful for a most improbable pilgrimage

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine extended an opportunity to me to assist him with recording the documentary of a religious celebration in Rwanda. November 28, 2011 will mark the 30th anniversary of Marian apparitions in Kibeho in … Continue reading

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